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How to Cascade Resilience

One question organizational leaders often ask us is how they can efficiently cascade the best resilience methods out to people on the front lines. For example, one company we worked with was facing painful personnel reductions of over 40 percent, as well as changes to the senior leadership. They wanted their most senior leaders to not only develop their own resilience but also that of the people they led. Because of their tough economic situation they didn’t have the resources to train everyone Read more […]

Accelerating the Leadership Pipeline

How can an organization accelerate its leadership pipeline? In the Oil and Gas sector we see a generation of leaders about to retire and take all of their knowledge with them. Who will fill their shoes? In tech companies we see young leaders stepping into huge roles with little guidance about what to expect or how to succeed. Will they sink or swim? These challenges are familiar to many industries. Nearly all of my clients tell me they want their next generation of leaders ready faster. But Read more […]

A Science Based Approach to Developing Leaders

In the last post I promised that I would share with you the most important things I learned in the last 18 months. Where to begin? How about in Florida (it’s cold everywhere else!) at the office of Professor Anders Ericsson. Professor Ericsson from Florida State University has spent 30 years studying the science of expert performance (Malcolm Gladwell based his “10,000 hours to become an expert” rule on Ericsson’s research). Ericsson and his colleagues have studied elite: surgeons, Read more […]

What I learned in the last 12 months

What an 18 months it has been. Two twin boys to add to two young boys, a new city (Austin – awesome) and a couple of hurricanes (well that’s the twins again). Now let me tell you about my work and what I learned! About a year ago I became dissatisfied with the sort of leadership development I was seeing done. It seemed too auto-pilot, basic and not having enough impact for leaders. It bothered me and I wanted to do something different. My initial thought was that I should write about a new approach Read more […]

How Silicon Valley Companies Accelerate Leadership Development

Four years ago, I wrote a research paper called “Future Trends in Leadership Development.” The paper became popular in various circles and I received good feedback from all groups except one. My friends in Silicon Valley said, “We like the research findings but . . . a lot of those ideas wouldn’t work here. This place is different.” So one year ago, Phil Willburn and I started a research project and conducted interviews with companies like: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Airbnb and others. Read more […]

Partner with us on a Cutting Edge CCL Research Project

We are looking for organizations who want to learn what leads to successful change in their organization i.e. What is their ‘change equation’. Why: Research tells us that 70% of all change efforts fail. Massive amounts of time, money and effort are wasted. But most leaders don’t know which factors differentiate the successful changes from the change failures in their organization. Therefore they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Our Research: Some people think that there Read more […]

The No. 1 Predictor of Career Success…….On An Index Card

Three months ago I challenged my buddy Phil Willburn to put everything he had learned in the last 10 years about Networks (What they are, Why they matter and What great ones looks like) onto one index card. Phil being Phil not only did that below (brilliant), but then went on to make a smart video both calling me out and explaining the card (in 3 mins). Damn overachievers! Read, watch and enjoy. Read more […]

What Every Leader Ought to Know About Stress – On an Index Card

————————————————————————————————————————– I’ve never seen as much stress as I am seeing right now in the work place. Most people are putting on a good front but when you scratch the surface you find an ocean of suffering right below the surface. The latest front cover of Atlantic Magazine talks about how US college students are the most anxious and stressed of any generation. There are lot of people Read more […]

Come Visit the New Website

– In truth there was nothing wrong with the old website, but as my old boss correctly pointed out (just before I quit working for him) I like change. With this in mind I’ve redesigned the site to make it easier for you to navigate and added fresh content for you to read and watch. Take a wander around and see what you like. And please send this email on to others you think might find it useful. Check it out here – Read more […]

The No. 1 Myth About Building Teams

Four years ago I went to a lecture that shattered everything I thought I knew about teams. In the lecture Richard Hackman, who was probably the top teams researcher who ever lived, told a story about how he was teaching a class at Yale on the four stages of team development: forming, storming, norming, performing. Half way through that presentation a young lady in the front row raised her hand and said, “Excuse me Professor Hackman, that’s wrong.” Now it was Hackman’s chance to say “Excuse Read more […]


Resilience for 120 Oil and Gas Leaders

Leaders and staff are constantly telling me that they have too much work to do and that they find it difficult to switch off at the weekends and evenings. People are running themselves into the ground. The greater problem is that the condition...

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How to Double Learning Transfer in 30 mins per Month

Do you have a sense that your organization is spending a lot of money on training without it producing behavior change back at work? For most organizations it isn't and there is a simple reason. There is very little support and reinforcement f...

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Project – The Future of Leadership Development

I am looking for partners who are interested in creating a new generation of tools to develop leaders. Specifically I want to partner with internal HR folk who are trying out innovative methods for developing busy leaders. I am looking for pe...

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Webinar – Future Trends in Leadership Development

A cool part of this job is that I get many interesting speaking requests from organizations around the world. The trouble for me with a young family has always been the travel. The sponsor often counters that we could do it virtually but I have a...

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