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How Silicon Valley Companies Accelerate Leadership Development

Four years ago, I wrote a research paper called “Future Trends in Leadership Development.” The paper became popular in various circles and I received good feedback from all groups except one. My friends in Silicon Valley said, “We like the research findings but . . . a lot of those ideas wouldn’t work here. This place is different.” So one year ago, Phil Willburn and I started a research project and conducted interviews with companies like: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Airbnb and others. Our aim was to answer the following questions:

  • Is developing leaders in Silicon Valley really different?
  • What are the most innovative methods being used?
  • What are the best methods, tricks, and tools that other leadership practitioners can learn from and use?

Resources Coming Your Way

In the next few weeks I’ll share with you what we learned. In this first video I’ll explain how Silicon Valley companies are different and give an overview of the 7 Best Practices we saw these companies using.  Then in upcoming videos I’ll share the best practices in more depth. Enjoy!

Read the full report here –