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My New CCL Whitepaper: Vertical Leadership Development

As I mentioned in previous posts, for a long time I have been bugged by the idea that a lot of leadership development programs miss the point. There is a lot of interesting talk about leadership, but at the end of the program the leaders haven’t really grown. In my opinion ‘Vertical Development’ is the elephant in the room for the leadership development community. It is a ‘new’ idea (that has been around for a long time) but isn’t yet well integrated into leadership programs. In my own Read more […]

What Is Vertical Leadership Development? Last week I talked about that fact that many leadership development programs don’t produce any leadership development……oops. The post got a lot of positive feedback as well as a little controversy. This week I want to build on that by introducing you to an idea that has obsessed me the last 5 years – Vertical Development. One of the reasons many leadership programs don’t work is that they don’t acknowledge that there are really Read more […]

The Problem with Leadership Development

There is a problem with most leadership development programs – the leaders who attend them don’t develop. Why is that? The core problem is that the way most programs are designed misdiagnoses what holds leaders back. The assumption is that managers don’t know how to lead properly. In most cases this is mistake. I always ask leaders what great leadership looks like and most can capture the last 30 years of research in about 3 minutes. The problem isn’t that they don’t know , the problem is they Read more […]

Letting Go Of The Past: The Monkey Story

Here is a short video excerpt from a recent speech on ‘How to Stay Resilient in Times of Change’. It has been fascinating to hear from participants what they learned and the big bonus for me is interviewing the people who score ZERO on the Stress (rumination) scales. I am learning a lot more about how they are able to stay calm even when under great pressure. I learned that they all have three things in common: 1. They keep life’s events in PERSPECTIVE. They don’t blow things out of Read more […]

New Keynote Speech – How to be Resilient in Times of Change In the last 6 months I have spent a lot of time on the road doing key note speeches on the topic of ‘How to be Resilient in Times of Change’. Because of the group interaction it is the most fun and powerful way to make the research and tools on change come alive. I asked that the last speech be filmed so that you could watch it here. The video above is only 3 mins but one of my favorite clips about how to keep stress down when you are going Read more […]

5 Tips for Making Your Organization More Resilient

I am getting a lot of interesting requests from people who have read my new resilience whitepaper. The latest is from India where one of their top HR forums has asked me to come up with tactics for how leaders and L & D Professionals can make their organizations more resilient. So here is what I recommend. You don’t have to do all of these but you will need to do the first one: 1. Start with you: While it is very interesting to go out and start selling the idea of resilience to others Read more […]

Why Is Everyone Trying To Change Everyone Else?

A major part of my job involves reading lots of people’s goals and challenges. I have spent the whole morning doing this and I can’t help but notice that virtually everyone wants to either lead a change or make other people change. When you read so many of these at once something starts to feel odd. Why are we all trying to change everyone and everything so much? I teach leadership for a living so I get that change is necessary (and personally I enjoy change), but something is starting to Read more […]

Three Steps to Re-Energize Your Career I am amazed at how many people I meet in workplaces who feel like they have lost their way. Many are stuck doing work they don’t like, but feel trapped by their financial circumstances. Others have drifted into jobs they have no interest in, but can’t really work out the path they would like to take instead. One reason this situation is so common is that most of us don’t have a method that guides our career direction. I have faced this myself at different Read more […]

Individual vs Collective Leadership Development Two years ago I wrote the whitepaper Future Trends In Leadership Development. The question I get asked all the time now is what is the biggest trend I now seeing emerging. There a few, but the one obvious one is – organizations are changing their focus away from developing individual leaders towards developing leadership collectives, (or in other words – their leadership culture). The reason is that most organizations are now trying Read more […]

How Smart Leaders Overcome Resistance to Change

Have you ever wondered why change is so hard and why so many ‘change initiatives’ at your workplace fail. Research by McKinsey and others have shown that as many as 2/3 of all change initiatives fail. Why? A key reason is that leaders communicate their proposed change in exactly the opposite way of what works! They talk about the benefits of their new way and the downsides of staying the same. Which makes sense right? Wrong. The problem is this immediately creates cynicism and resistance in the Read more […]


Resilience for 120 Oil and Gas Leaders

Leaders and staff are constantly telling me that they have too much work to do and that they find it difficult to switch off at the weekends and evenings. People are running themselves into the ground. The greater problem is that the condition...

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How to Double Learning Transfer in 30 mins per Month

Do you have a sense that your organization is spending a lot of money on training without it producing behavior change back at work? For most organizations it isn't and there is a simple reason. There is very little support and reinforcement f...

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Project – The Future of Leadership Development

I am looking for partners who are interested in creating a new generation of tools to develop leaders. Specifically I want to partner with internal HR folk who are trying out innovative methods for developing busy leaders. I am looking for pe...

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Webinar – Future Trends in Leadership Development

A cool part of this job is that I get many interesting speaking requests from organizations around the world. The trouble for me with a young family has always been the travel. The sponsor often counters that we could do it virtually but I have a...

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