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Partner with us on a Cutting Edge CCL Research Project


We are looking for organizations who want to learn what leads to successful change in their organization i.e. What is their ‘change equation’.

Why: Research tells us that 70% of all change efforts fail. Massive amounts of time, money and effort are wasted. But most leaders don’t know which factors differentiate the successful changes from the change failures in their organization. Therefore they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Our Research: Some people think that there must be a generic approach to change e.g Kotter’s 7 steps. But do you really believe that the way to lead change is the same in Silicon Valley as it is at Goldman Sachs or in a Texas Mining company? Don’t you think those cultures differ a little from each other and therefore you would need a different approach at each? Our research so far suggests that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead each organization has its own unique fingerprint or ‘change equation’ that fits it culture (a set of factors that if applied tilt the odds of success in your favor). The key is to find out what those are.

Our Goal: Help organization’s uncover their unique change equation, so that an organization’s leaders can reduce their failures and increase their likelihood of success (or at least stop making the same mistakes again and again).

What we need: People who have connections to companies who might want to learn what their change equation is.

What is involved: 70+ people from an organization to fill in a 40 item survey (10 mins). We will analyze the results and share them with you. Then we can discuss how best to share the results back to the company – you can do it, we can do it, or we can do it together.

What’s in it for you:
• Partner with a CCL research team on a cutting edge and practical project
• Help create a new tool that is highly sought after
• Help your organization learn about change
• Use this new tool (for free) with your client/ company

Next steps:
• Email us about your interest and tell us of an organization/s you work with that might want to find out their change equation.

Email our team: Ren – or Heather –

  • Susi Petherick
    • Nick Petrie

      Susi, It is a global project. We are working with companies in the UK but also around the world. Email if you have an org that you think is interested. Thanks