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Webinar – Future Trends in Leadership Development


A cool part of this job is that I get many interesting speaking requests from organizations around the world. The trouble for me with a young family has always been the travel. The sponsor often counters that we could do it virtually but I have always been wary as I have seen too many sessions where the virtual presenter droned on unaware that they have lost the attention of the people in the room.

Recently however I took the plunge and did a lot of reading, researching and interviewing to find the most engaging methods for virtual facilitation. I’ve landed on an approach which seemed to to get very good results in the two virtual sessions I ran recently.

The first was Future Trends in Leadership Development for European HR heads attending the Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning. The second was for Oxen Park, a U.K. consulting company, who wanted me to speak to their partners about Vertical Development for leaders.

The new process was:

1. Everyone reads a summary of the key ideas before getting on the call (e.g. flip the classroom)
2. I begin the session by giving a 15 min summary of the most important ideas they need to know
3. They break into small groups to discuss 3 key questions which I give them
4. We then have 30 mins of Q & A and dialogue about the topic
5. They finish by making action plans for how they will apply these learnings back at work and share in small accountability groups

I think the sessions worked because they were interactive, over in less than 90 mins and it was a super efficient way to learn and apply.

I don’t know if I can say that this is the future of leadership development, but it certainly a bigger part of the future of my teaching!

If you are interested in using a virtual session to bring new ideas to your leaders or HR team feel free to drop me a note at