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How to Double Learning Transfer in 30 mins per Month


Do you have a sense that your organization is spending a lot of money on training without it producing behavior change back at work?

For most organizations it isn’t and there is a simple reason. There is very little support and reinforcement for the leaders when they go back to the work. Of course nothing sticks!

Over the last 12 months I have been building and implementing a process that dramatically increases the level of behavior change in very little time. The goal was to target the smallest number of actions a leader could take that would produce the fastest and most sustainable behavior change. The feedback from 3 clients who are using this process is that is really easy and super effective.

Here are the basic steps below. I’ll create more resources and explanation videos and post on the site so have a look around the website for more soon. Let me know any Q’s and I am happy to post answers or perhaps create a webinar.

Learning Transfer Process – For 6 months following a Face to Face training
– Total time for a leader: 4 hours over 6 month’s –

– Dramatic increase in learning transfer back at work
– Small interventions that take minimal time but create big increases in application
– Creation of social pressure to take action to take action back at work
– Rapid sharing of best practices that leaders have taken back at work
– Scaling and spreading the learning from the program out to the leader’s teams

1) Boss Meeting Prior to Training (30 mins x 2 meetings)
– Before the workshop the boss of the participant is alerted that she will shortly receive resources for how to conduct a pre and post training coaching conversation with the participant
– Each boss receives an email with a 5 min video for how to run a pre coaching conversation and a checklist for the key things to cover including booking the appointment for post training
– When the person returns to work the boss receives a 5 min video on how to run a post training conversation and a checklist of what to cover
Why this works: G.E. and others have found that the number one predictor of transfer of learning is – how much is the boss involved with helping the person implement their goals

2) Classroom: The 7 Steps of Transferring Your Learning
– On the final day in the classroom the trainer teaches the leaders the 7 steps and why they work (research)
– The leaders take 30 mins to plan how they will implement the steps
– They make a public commitment about having their conversation with boss and sharing their 360 results and goals with their team
Why this works: We already know what the people who make changes back at work do differently than the ones who don’t – just teach that to people.

3) Accountability Trios (time taken – 30 mins)
– The leaders then form accountability trios
– They pull out their phones and immediately make an appointment with each other for 2 weeks’ time
– They share with each other what they are going to work on and what their immediate action plan is
– When they meet in 2 weeks’ time they share
o What they have done so far
o What they want help with
o What they will do next
Why this works: People follow through when they make public commitments about what actions they will take. Let them say it out loud.

4) Each One Teach One (time taken – 3 X 30 mins)
– Each month for three months the leaders receive a 10 min video with facilitation questions on a key topic from the program that will be relevant to their teams
– Each month the leaders play a new video to their teams and facilitate a discussion based on three questions: How does this content apply to you? Apply to us as a team? How could we implement this as a group?
Why this works: Feedback from leaders is that this simple process helps them: develop their direct reports, create a common language, scale and spread the learning and reinforce their own learning and application of the tools

5) Accountability and Best Practice Call (time taken – 60 mins)
– 3 months later the trainer and HR sponsor run a one hour accountability and best practice call for 12 leaders at a time
– Each person answers three questions (about 5 mins each)
o What actions have I taken
o What happened as a result
o What have I learned that I will take forward
Why this works: Feedback from leaders is that this short call increases their motivation to take action and gives them fresh ideas that they can take and apply in their own teams

6) Measure Results
– 12 months later leaders retake the challenge of change survey so that we have a before and after measure
Why this works: By measuring the results you prove to yourself and others that this really works. This makes it easy for future leaders to join the process.

This process produces behavior change and takes very little time. Why spend all that money on a training unless you are going to do the final pieces to make sure it actually produces something! Post and questions below and I’ll answer.