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Resilience for 120 Oil and Gas Leaders


Leaders and staff are constantly telling me that they have too much work to do and that they find it difficult to switch off at the weekends and evenings. People are running themselves into the ground.

The greater problem is that the conditions of work are not likely to change. The only way people can really be less stressed out is to learn how to cope more effectively with life’s demands.

I’ve just finished a fun week where we worked with 120 leaders in an energy company with the goal of dramatically increasing the leader’s resilience. I designed the program with two world experts on resilience: Sharon McDowell Larsen ( a former Olympic physiologist) and Tiphani Palmer (an expert in leadership embodiement). We taught the leaders a set of tools we call the three legged stool:

– Physical resilience: how to eat and exercise in a way that increases your energy (Sharon)
– Mental resilience: how to handle a lot of pressure without turning into stress (Nick)
– Emotional resilience: how to change your posture and physiology to get into great states (Tiphani)

By increasing the leader’s capacity in all three areas you give them more resources to be able to handle whatever comes their way.

The feedback was excellent and it looks like a lot of other organizations are now interested in sharing this with their leaders.

If you’d like to know more about how you can share these ideas with your staff email me at