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  • TD Bank Top 250 Leaders – Leading in Times of Change
  • Minnesota Wild NHL – Resilience in Times of Change
  • Women in Cable – Leadership Resilience
  • Silicon Valley HR – Leadership Resilience
  • The Conference Board – Future Trends in Executive Coaching
  • Columbia Sports – Leading in the Matrix
  • MedeAnalytics – How to Coach Your People
  • Human Capital Institute –Keynote (1,200 people) – Leadership Resilience
  • Houston H.R. Seminar – Leadership Resilience
  • CDPHP Top 100 Leaders – Leading in Times of Change
  • Comcast HR Regional Heads – Leadership Resilience
  • Oxford Associates (U.K. Webinar) – Future Trends in Leadership Development
  • Switzerland (European Webinar) – Future Trends in Leadership Development



  • University of Texas, Executive MBA Program – Leadership Resilience
  • Dayton, Ohio – Leadership Resilience
  • TDBank High Potential Program – Leading in Times of Change

Leadership Resilience in Times of Change

When it comes to resilience the challenge for most organizations is not just how to make individual leaders more resilient, but how to spread and scale that resilience to the rest of the workforce. This workshop uses a technology platform called Jumpshift which helps the leaders not only implement the tools back in the workplace but also share the learning: up (to bosses), down (to direct reports) and across (to peers) in the organization.

This workshop is based on 30 years of research and explains why some people are able to operate under high levels of pressure and still avoid stress. Participant takeaways:

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the difference between pressure and stress
  • Learn how stress is created and how resilient people avoid it
  • Explore the results of your personal resilience profile, outlining your approach to dealing with pressure
  • Learn how you can lead in a way that builds resilience for your team
  • Learn a four step approach for building long term resilience
  • Learn a set of tools that you can apply immediately to both work and personal life

To see a short video overview of the topic watch here – http://www.nicholaspetrie.com/lesson/four-steps-for-leadership-resilience/


Future Trends in Leadership Development

The world of the modern leaders had become more complex and difficult to navigate. Yet the methods that most organizations are using to develop their leaders are the same ones they were using 20 years ago. These methods are not keeping up.

Organizations need to break out of their old mindsets and look to the future trends which are starting emerge in the field.

Key Learning Points

  • The limitations of the traditional leadership development approaches
  • The rise of vertical development methods
  • The emergence of mindset practices for leaders to increase resilience and performance
  • How and why organizations are bringing the body into development
  • The transfer of greater developmental ownership to the individual
  • The rise of the Deliberately Developmental Organization (D.D.O.)

Speech or Webinar Format

  • 60-90 minute presentations delivered live and/or via webinar. The presentation can easily be extended allowing more time for activities and/or Q&A.

Participant Materials

  • A whitepaper which explains the topic in more depth. Participants will also receive an electronic copy which they can share with their team or co-workers
  • Participants will receive video resources so that they can share links with their team and instructions on how to facilitate a discussion with their teams.
  • In the resilience session all participants will receive the results of the 9 scale psychometric profile

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