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Whitepaper - The Change Equation



most change fail?

Our research on over 1,188 changes at 11 organizations showed that up to 60% of organization-level changes fail. Massive amounts of time, money and effort are wasted. But most leaders don’t know which factors differentiate the successful changes from the change failures in their organization. Our research suggests that a major cause of failure is failing to lead the change in a way that fits your organizational culture.

& failure 

leave clues

We will analyze the data on over 70 changes in your organization and shows your leaders the factors which differentiate change success from failure in your culture. Our goal is to help organizations make change easier and less time consuming by matching the change leadership approach to the culture of the organization.

what your
will learn

  • The change and leadership factors that most commonly lead to success in your organizational culture.

  • The change and leadership factors that most commonly lead to failure in your organization.

  • How to immediately apply the results of your change equation to a real change you are working on.

How to Learn

Your Organization’s

Change Equation


Step 1 – Indicate Your Interest

  • Email us at admin@nicholaspetrie.com

  • We send you an info packet

  • We set up a call to discuss the process and answer questions


Step 2 - Take The Survey

We provide you with a description of the tool and a survey link to send to your people.

• 70+ people from your organization fill out the short online survey (5-8 mins)

• We collect and analyze the results.

Step 3 - Learn Your Results

  • We meet with you and your team to share your organization’s change equa­tion results.

  • We show you how you compare to other organizations and based on the data we’ll show you the leadership behaviors most likely to produce successful change in your culture

  • You receive a 10-page custom report

Step 4 – Share with Leaders

  • We can facilitate a half-day workshop for leaders to learn the results and the implications

  • You can add Change Equation™ modules to your leadership programs

  • We offer train the trainer options for your staff to teach about your change equation

  • We provide 1-on-1 or team coaching to apply results to real changes

  • We partner with you to measure results of the changes


To learn more about the Change Equation read the whitepaper or email admin@nicholaspetrie.com