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Perform / Grow / Thrive Project

Many individuals and organizations are working in ways that are proving unsustainable and unhealthy. Many of our beliefs and practices related to work are based on outdated ideas that once served well but are now proving detrimental. 

This research project aims to create a new set of powerful and engaging insights for employees and organizations on how to create healthy, high performance environments where people can thrive and not burnout. The research will create solutions that are relevant, practical and life improving for the modern, busy employee and the organizations they work in.

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The research process


1. Interviews

We interviewed successful performers from diverse domains such as: Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Navy Seals, Surgeons, Professional athletes, Musicians, Educators, Priests, Professional sports coaches, Yoga instructors

2. Assessments 

We measured individuals on their levels of: growth focus, performance focus, motivation, values alignment, burnout risk.

3. Focus groups 

We brought groups together on key topics e.g. Burnout, Growth and Performance


4. Writing 

We share and test out ideas on Linkedin 

5. Workshops 

We are conducting workshops where we share insights and create discussions with leaders, staff and teams


6. Regenerative cultures 

We are studying organizations who create healthy cultures (high performance and energizing)



Key insights so far

Below are a selection of the most popular insights we have discovered so far.

1. Why do some hard workers burn out and others are fine? Read here 


2. What makes you successful early, can burn you out later - Read here

3. What if we are doing leadership development all wrong? Read here

4. Do people grow more by focusing on their growth or their performance? Read here


5. What causes you to slide towards burnout? Read here

6. What types of organizations burn out their people: Part 1. Read here

7. What types of organizations burn out their people: Part 2. Read here



The Research team

The project was originally conceived by Nick Petrie, who was then joined by Ryan Bricker, Mitch Stallard , Michael Campbell and Lisa Mackay as co-collaborators. The research collective was then expanded to create an international and multi-disciplinary team comprising specialists in assessment, research and development. Each had a passion for creating the optimal conditions for individuals and organizations to thrive.

The expanded team members include: 

  • Meera Craston, Matt Bartlett, Iain McCleland, Cherrie Daley (UK, Europe)

  • Karrie Wainscott, Dana Mix, Pylin Chuapetcharasopon (North America)

  • Melissa Muirhead, Asher James, Ruth Prendergast, Simone Falkenstein (APAC)

To explore ways to get involved in the research project or to use the resources, insights and assessments from the research in your organization contact Nick at

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