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Vertical  Development


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Learn how to design and deliver a vertically informed leadership development program.

Join Nick Petrie, author of ‘Future Trends in Leadership Development’ and Carl Sanders-Edwards, founder of the vertical coaching platform, for a three-month incubator, including 2 days in San Francisco on July 21, 22, 2O23.

Learn new approaches from a community who are designing & delivering vertical programs in their organizations.  Collaborate with others to design a program that combines horizontal development (skills, knowledge competencies) with vertical development (mindset capabilities).

This incubator is for people who are designing and/or delivering leadership development programs (acceptance criteria required).

July 21 - 22, 2O23
San Francisco

What You’ll get From the Incubator

  • Become part of a design community of leading-edge practitioners

  • Learn what Vertical Development is and why it is crucial for developing leaders

  • Learn how other innovative companies are developing their leaders

  • Create a new, cutting-edge leadership development program for your organization

  • Add new tools, assessments, and methods to your leadership development toolkit

  • Receive your Vertical assessment results showing your current stage of development

  • See how organizations are using technology and ‘leaders developing leaders’ to scale and spread development

  • Help your leaders discover new approaches for dealing with the complexity of work and life

Why Vertical Development Matters?

  • The challenges leaders face have changed and we need a new kind of leadership to elevate our impact and effectiveness

  • Today’s leaders need vertical development to help them grow more adaptive mindsets for the complex challenge of the 21st century  

  • Vertically developed leaders are able to think more systemically, see the long-term possibilities, embrace challenges from multiple perspectives, and lead as interdependent collaborators

What does the incubator involve?

A three-month process


Learn about Vertical Development
  • Discover the core principles and research behind vertical development

  • Learn about different assessments for measuring leaders

  • Explore four approaches for vertically developing leaders

  • How to introduce and spread vertical developmental in your organization

DAY 2-

Create your Vertical Leadership Program

  • Design a vertical leadership program to use in your company (or with clients)

  • Work on your Vertical project in groups of 4

Practice pitching to your stakeholders

Get and give feedback and feedforward

  • Get expert coaching to rapidly iterate and improve your design

  • Learn from designs created by others in the group

  • Discover technology approaches for increasing behavior change

  • Customize your approach on the vertical development app




Development Support
  • Facilitated small group sessions to share progress and next steps (virtual)

  • Ongoing access to materials, tools and prompts with our app

  • Group coaching with your peers on your developmental edge and actions

  • Optional 1:1 coaching is available on request (for an additional cost).






Full 3-month incubator program

(includes 2 days in San Francisco)

Register now
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