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2 Page: Vertical Leadership Infographic

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

For years I’ve tried to boil down the important topic of Vertical Leadership Development to the point where it is simple for anyone to understand. I’ve been criticized by some experts for making it too simple – OK, they may have a point :) 

But practitioners keep asking me - ‘How can I introduce vertical development to our leaders in a simple, practical way?' To make this easy Phil Willburn and I created a 2 page visual (below) which shows:

  • What vertical leadership development is

  • Why increasing your vertical capacity helps your leadership performance

  • 2 things you can do every day to grow vertically

A number of organizations use this as a pre-read in their leadership programs. Other HR leaders use it to plant the seed with sponsors that ‘we should be doing vertical development in our company!’. Hey - I'm inclined to agree.

Click on the visual below to download the 2 pager (only pg 1 shown below). And feel free to share in your organization. To download -

*Kudos to the great researchers upon whose work this is based: Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Bill Torbert, Susanne Cooke Greuter, John McGuire, Jennifer Garvey Berger and more.


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