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New Whitepaper - The Change Equation

Learn about a simple new tool that shows leaders the best way to lead change in your organization. The Change Equation tool analyzes 100’s of changes from your organization in the last 18 months to identify the change leadership patterns of the most and least successful leaders.

Leaders learn about these patterns through three simple visuals:

  • Your organization’s culture type (there are four: hierarchical, networker, expert, family)

  • The 7 leadership behaviors of the most successful change leaders in your organization

  • The 4 change phases most important to get right in your organization

With these insights leaders are able to create change leadership plans which tilt the odds of success heavily in their favor. Organizations can then use these insights to improve the quality of the leadership development programs.

To learn more about the Change Equation tool read the whitepaper -

To speak to someone about learning your organization’s Change Equation email –


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