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Vertical Incubators Around The World

If you are interested in Vertical Development and care about leaders ‘we want you’ in our community! In the next few months, we are running Vertical Incubators in San Francisco (at Google), Auckland (at Fonterra) and Melbourne (about to be announced). You’ll join practitioners from some of the world’s top companies, learning about Vertical approaches and designing real solutions for your company or clients. It will be a combo of virtual and f2f. Previous attendees have come from companies such as Salesforce, Google, Home Depot, eBay, Astra Zeneca, Penske and Deloitte. Plus, many great coaches and facilitators. What you’ll get:

· Receive your Vertical Mindset Indicator [VMI] assessment, showing your current stage of development · 1:1 vertical coaching debrief session with a top vertical coach · Spend two days f2f learning from a community of global practitioners · Learn how leading, global companies are now developing their leaders for a complex world · Create a new, cutting-edge vertical development program for your organization · Add new tools, assessments, and methods to your leadership development toolkit · Learn how to use A.I. and technology to deliver your leadership solutions at scale Learn more about the Incubator -

Register for the Incubator –

Send me an email with questions or if you want to chat. Would love to see you there!




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