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Webinar: Vertical Development with Tennis Australia

Are you interested in Vertical Development and in Australia, New Zealand, or Asia? Previously we have run webinars on how companies such as Novartis, Home Depot and Workday have brought vertical development to their leaders. But it has been timed to fit with the U.S. time zone. I felt guilty because it was ridiculously early for my ANZAC brothers and sisters (even though some showed up). So, we are going to offer two Australasia centric sessions.

The first one will feature Aurecon (a large Engineering company) who are ‘Disrupting Leadership’ to help their leaders evolve for a new era. The second will be with Tennis Australia who run the Aussie Open (amongst others).

They are both using vertical development to help their leaders deal with a world of complexity. Come to both or one of the sessions and learn about their story and discuss your ideas with other like minded practitioners. We’d love to build this community in Australasia and connect people up. Join us below.

Webinar 1 – Tennis Australia and Leading in Complexity – June 1st, 1pm AEST, 3pm NZ tim

Webinar 2 - Aurecon and Leadership Disrupted – June 15th, 11am AEST, 1pm NZ time


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