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Why 60% of organizational changes fail

At last, my new whitepaper - The Change Equation - is about to come out (if you want an advance copy see below).

Over the last 18 months we analyzed 1,188 changes at 11 companies to see what works when leading change. What we uncovered was eye opening. When staff were asked to rate the success of a change against 4 measures* the data showed that organizational changes had a 60% failure rate.

Take a minute to ponder that. Changes that involved the whole organization (you know, the really important changes) failed at a rate of 60%! How much: time, money and attention is your organization wasting?

The good news is that your company probably has a team of people analyzing the patterns of the 40% that did succeed so that your organization fails less going forward. No? Why not? Because everyone is too busy running to the next changes to learn from the ones we just did. That 60% won’t be changing.

Good news - we've spent the last 6 months analyzing why so many changes fail and uncovering the success patterns of the ones that don't. I’ve written all the lessons up and in 3 weeks will share these in the new white paper: The Change Equation.

Spoiler alert – there is no one-size fits all change formula. Each company is unique and has its own unique success patterns. Don’t copy what works at other companies. We’ll show you how to find the success patterns for your organization’s culture. That 60% is coming down….

 *The Four Success Measures

- Achieved its Desired Outcome

- Executed on Schedule

- Sustained Over Time

- Helped Organization Develop New Change Capabilities for Future 

If you want an advance copy of the whitepaper email and write ‘Change Equation Paper’ in the subject line.


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