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I'm a guy who likes to learn...

I have spent the last ten years working and living in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and the Middle East. I specialize in leadership development for senior executives and helping organizations build a culture a healthy, high performance culture (that doesn't burn people out). I spent 10 years at the Center for Creative Leadership working with senior exec's and HR leaders from around the world. Some of my clients included: Google, NASA, Walmart, Deloitte, Red Bull, Kellogg’s, Workday, Qantas and Comcast.


I’ve worked across industries including; engineering, energy, law, banking, accounting, construction and television.



During COVID my wife and I asked, 'Where is the bet place for us to bring up our 4 boys?' We both said - New Zealand, so returned home. 90% of my clients are in the U.S. with a small number in APAC.  

In the last 2 years, I've led a global research project on how people in workplaces best balance the need to:

  • Perform

  • Grow

  • Not burn out

A major focus of my work is now sharing the insights, tools and practices that we developed from the research with people in workplaces. People are really struggling with balance the above 3 bullets and we've found practical and concise ways to help them.


I hold a Master’s degree from Harvard University where I focused most of my studies on leadership and learning. I have two undergraduate degrees from Otago University (New Zealand) and am the co-author of the book Work Without Stress.

Random facts about nick

I am...

  • an outsider - New Zealander - who tends to see the problem differently than the insiders.

  • a researcher and practitioner, bridging those two worlds

  • a Harvard graduate

  • a former rugby player and coach

  • a cancer survivor. Have had 3 bouts of cancer. I changed who I am and my timelines. 


  • I’ve quit my safe job at CCL in order to take on more risk and build new things for the field.

  • I want to live a big life of purpose, not bide my time.

  • I want to bring others along with me.

  • I aspire to move beyond conventional leadership development

  • I want to create and share new solutions which improve and elevate our field.

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