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I'm a guy who likes to learn...
I have spent the last ten years working and living in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and the Middle East. I specialize in leadership development for senior executives and helping organizations build resilience in times of change. Before joining CCL® I ran my own consulting company and spent the last ten years delivering leadership programs for senior leaders around the world. Some of my clients include: NASA, TDBank, Deloitte, Red Bull, Minnesota Wild Hockey, Kellogg’s, Qantas and Comcast.


I’ve worked across industries including; engineering, energy, law, banking, accounting, construction and television.

I am fresh out of the Center for Creative Leadership where I pioneered equations around change, vertical development initiatives, and ground-breaking resilience work. I helped build C.C.L. Texas. But, now?

Right now my team and I are rapidly growing a new territory out of old mindsets and experiences. We are helping organizations who are going through significant change to build resilience from the top of the organization out to the front lines. 

Speaking of Education...
I hold a Master’s degree from Harvard University where I focused most of my studies on leadership and learning. I have two undergraduate degrees from Otago University (New Zealand) in business administration and physical education.


To get the best view of my thinking read my latest whitepapers.


random facts about nick

I am...

  • an outsider -New Zealander- who tends to see the problem differently than the insiders.

  • a researcher and practitioner, bridging those two worlds

  • a Harvard graduate

  • a former rugby player and coach

  • a cancer survivor. Have had 3 bouts of cancer. I changed who I am and my timelines. I am in a hurry to make things happen.

  • a pioneer who tries to go first and show the way


  • I’ve quit my safe job to go big and disrupt the field. I’ve put all my chips on the table.

  • I want to live a big life of purpose, not bide my time.

  • I want to bring others along with me.

  • I aspire to start a movement to improve and elevate our field.

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