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Whitepaper - Vertical Development , Part I
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Whitepaper - Vertical Development, Part II

Vertical Development helps leaders who work in complex, fast-paced organizations to elevate their thinking and become more agile & strategic.

What is vertical development?


Traditional leadership development tends to focus on skills and competencies. While these are important they are no longer sufficient for leaders facing a complex and overloaded world. Vertical development comes out of research at Harvard and Cambridge University which shows that adults develop through stages of development. At each new stage, they develop new capacities for thinking, acting and leading. Vertically developed leaders can think more systemically, see long-term possibilities, embrace challenges from multiple perspectives, and lead as interdependent collaborators. The capacities are crucial for leaders who operate and make decisions in complex environments, i.e. most modern leaders.

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3 Ways to Work with Nick on Vertical Development


1)  Advice and Design –I’ll help your organization create vertical leadership offerings that are in line with some of the best companies in the world. I’ll also help you and your organization build internal capability for designing Vertical development offerings so you don't need to rely on outside consultants.


2)  Vertical Program Delivery – You will get all the above plus I will deliver the programs that we design. If you want you or your team to co-facilitate with me I’ll help team members learn new tools and methods so they become even better Vertical leadership facilitators. 


3)  Build a developmental ecosystem – If you want to increase the leadership capacity of the whole organization, I’ll partner with you and the executive team to create an ecosystem that creates continuous developmental stretch for your people. This focuses on: individual mindsets and behaviors as well culture and systems. We will bake development into the everyday rhythms of the workplace.

Want to bring vertical leadership development into your organization? Email us at and tell us about your situation.