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"I help organizations prepare for the future by creating cutting edge leadership development solutions that help leaders be more: adaptable, resilient and strategic." 

~ nick petrie

3 Ways to Work with Nick

  1.  Advice and Design – I’ll help your organization create vertical leadership offerings that are in line with some of the best companies in the world. I’ll also help you and your organization build it's internal capability for doing leadership development work.           

  2.  Vertical Program Delivery – You will get all the above plus I will deliver the programs that new workshops and programs that we design.  This could involve co-facilitating with you and your team and building their delivery skills. 

  3.  CEO Cascade – In order to increase the leadership capacity of the whole organization, I’ll partner with the executive team and help them cascade a leadership development process that reaches all leaders in the organization.  

​I currently have more companies wanting to work with me than I can accommodate.

Therefore, I only work with clients who:

-  Know what they want (even if they don’t know how to do it)

-  Have a project related to one of my focus areas (see below)

-  Already have sign off to begin the work

-  Are fun and easy to work with

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