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Burnout to Balance

The Workplace Balance Assessment looks at how your people can sustainably perform at a high level without sacrificing their wellbeing. 

This assessment and approach is based on two years of research with high performers across many fields including: professional athletes, elite musicians, Navy Seals, FBI agents, professional sports coaches, counterintelligence officers, surgeons, priests, elite yoga instructors and business people. What we saw across all domains is that the people who did the best long term were the ones who learned to balance the intersection of three needs:

  • The need to perform

  • The need to grow themselves

  • The need to not burnout


People who found the right balance for their stage of career and context were the ones who grew, performed and maintained wellbeing over long periods. This led to successful careers without burnout or sacrifice of health, family and personal lives.

The assessment is useful for all levels of leaders from Individual Contributors to Senior Executives. The assessment can be used for individuals and/or teams. A leader of a team will find it particularly useful to use with their team as it drives powerful conversations about how to better align work to values and about burnout risk and possible solutions.

This assessment is quick, easy to take, and intuitive. It also has high retake usefulness when leaders shift to a new role, experience a shift in priorities, or have transitioned to a new organization.

The Assessment

The assessment + insights report - $129 pp (does not include debrief cost for groups).

Individuals will receive:

  • A digital link to complete their assessment

  • Their 8 page results and insights report (sent immediately after completing assessment)

  • A group debrief with Nick Petrie or an accredited facilitator

Learn more

To inquire about using this approach with your leaders send us an email.

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