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The Leader Network Assessment

The Leader Network Diagnostic is a flexible, fully digital assessment that can be delivered and debriefed in virtually.

The Leader Network Diagnostic is a 20-minute individual assessment that will help you visualize and understand your professional network. The digital assessment can be taken from any device and includes comprehensive videos that guide you through the experience, explaining questions and concepts. Additionally, you will receive a custom report to help you make sense of your network data and create an action plan for your future. This multi-media report has educational videos that give context to the data and results. Each report has simple steps you can take to improve your professional network. These steps are personalized to you, and are based on your specific network data.

Click on the image to watch a short video overview

The Network Leader Diagnostic is a scientifically developed, leader-specific method designed to help you examine and improve your professional network. Our network solutions include a comprehensive diagnostic tool, leadership training, online training videos, and more.

You'll learn:

  • How most leaders networks have dramatically changed during COVID

  • How teams have become more connected and 'weak ties' much weaker

  • Understand the strategies of an effective networker

  • Discover invisible biases in your specific network

  • Acquire frameworks to increase the strength of you network


To inquire about using the Leader Network Diagnostic send us an email.

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