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How to Create Customised Habits

In the last 3 months, I've been interviewing high performers who have very low levels of burnout risk. As I listened I noticed they had 8 habits in common.

When I heard these habits I didn't think, "Yeah, that's what I do ." I thought, "That's NOT what I do..... but those seem like good ideas."

The question was how to start putting them into practice. In working with leaders this year, I've found the best approach was not to copy the 8 habits, but for leaders to create their own version of them. This helps each person develop a customised set of habits that fit their situation and personality.

To help people do this 'we' (kudos to designer Ellie O'Sullivan) created the below worksheet. Here is the process:

1. Look at what most people do (left-hand column)

2. Look at what exemplars with low burnout risk do (right-hand column)

3. Write down an experiment you could try for each area (middle column)

Then choose 2 - 3 of those experiments that feel motivating + doable (you could see yourself doing them for a week). And begin.

This will help you get onto a sustainable performance path (and away from a burnout path).

I hope it helps. It's working for me.

Feel free to download the worksheet to use or share with others -

More info on the 8 patterns here -


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