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Launching the Vertical Leadership Incubator

On June 6 & 7 we are launching our new Vertical Leadership Incubator to help practitioners learn how to design & deliver Vertical Leadership programs (learn more about vertical development here –

In the past I have attended a lot of trainings and accreditations but always found them a little passive. So Carl Sanders-Edwards and I (don’t come it if you don’t like Kiwis) created the Incubator to help practitioners learn while designing real leadership programs for their companies (or clients).

Imagine working alongside 15 other practitioners who are all pushing to design the best programs of their lives while helping and learning from each other. Combine this with support from mentors who have designed and run Vertical programs in the past and you can imagine how much you will learn.

Who should attend: – You have done a lot of leadership development but feel there is something missing – You are always pushing to find out what is new, cutting edge – You want to create innovative rather than traditional leadership development experiences – You want to be part of a community that is co-creating solutions and learning from each other – You want to associate with others who will push you to get better at leadership development – You have a leadership development program that you want to work on/ create

What You Will Learn:

Day 1: Learn about Vertical Development – Discover the core principles and research behind vertical development – Learn about different assessments for measuring leaders – Discuss your own assessment of your vertical stage of development – Explore three approaches for vertically developing leaders – Learn the most common traps to avoid – How to introduce and spread vertical developmental in your organization

Day 2: Create your Vertical Leadership Program – Design a vertical leadership program to use in your company (or with clients) – Work on your Vertical project in groups of 4 – Practice pitching to your stakeholders – Get and give feedback and feedforward – Get expert coaching to rapidly iterate and improve your design – Learn from designs created by others in the group – Discover technology approaches for increasing behavior change – Customize your approach on the vertical development app

It will be a lot of fun, you will create your own program and you will be part of a community that is pushing the edge of our field!

Get more information or sign up here – Send any questions here –

If you can’t make this one but want to be on the list for San Francisco on September 13,14 send us an email.

I hope to meet and co-design with you soon!

Nick Petrie Austin

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