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14 Leadership Tools for Your Toolkit

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

According to polyglots (people who can speak multiple languages) the fastest way to learn a new language is to quickly to learn the 300 most commonly used words. This means you can begin to converse with locals and make friends even if you're not fluent - Quieres tomar una copa? (spanish), Konnicha wa, ogneki desu ka? (Japanese), Sweet as bro (New Zealand).

The equivalent to vocab in leadership development is tools. There is a lot you can focus on when developing leaders: the theory, the research, the principles. But I have found what separates the really great practitioners from the rest is they develop a mastery of the most important tools.

In the infographic above I've summarized the 14 tools I've found most powerful and practical for developing leaders. Each of them creates different drivers of vertical growth: Heat, Colliding Perspectives and Reflection.

One note - I've found that it helps to have a lot of tools in your toolkit. This is bcause leaders in different organizations fall in love with different tools and it is hard to know ahead of time which ones they will grab onto.

If you are not sure where to start the 5 I have found to be the most popular with leaders in order are:

  1. Polarities

  2. Immunity to Change

  3. Network Diagnostic

  4. Feedforward

  5. Resilience assessment



Download all 14 tools here -

If you are the sort of person who finds these interesting you're probably a great fit for the Vertical Leadership Incubator.

Home Depot is hosting it at their HQ on Nov 6, 7. You'll join a group of practitioners who want to learn more about Vertical Leadership Development and how to implement it in their organizations. It's a great way to add more tools to your toolkit! Learn more here -


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